Introducing Trust

Trust is earned on Jelly.

Jelly officially offers you our Trust. Let’s say a person is continually helpful. You can give that person your Trust using our new Trust button. That means their Trust count goes up, showing the world they are trustworthy. The same goes for anyone with an account on Jelly who is helpful to others. Trust is a powerful thing—and useful in judging answer quality.

When I first designed the Follow model (for Twitter) the intent was to put you in complete control. Whomever you chose to Follow, that would be the only content you would see. Today, the Follow model is widely used on many apps and it’s more complicated. The Trust Model resembles the original Follow model in that it forms a network, but it’s different.

Trust is earned on Jelly. It might be earned on our system because a person is particularly helpful to you, or maybe you are already friends (or virtual friends) with someone, so you trust each other automatically. Trust is already starting to happen across the Jelly service. Helpful strangers are connecting via Trust. A network of trust is a beautiful thing.

To start with, Trust on Jelly is simple. There are no special features that turn on when two people Trust each other. It simply means you are trusted, or that you are trusting. We may add features to Trust. Perhaps the ability to message where there is mutual trust, display content from a trusted person to you if there is a shared topic of interest, maybe more.

Jelly questions are always anonymous, even between trusted individuals, they are never attached to identity. (If you use our #askjelly feature on Twitter, that’s different — you’re publicly Tweeting your question.) Trust does not break the anonymity of asking on Jelly. At, you can ask any question without judgement in a safe, Trusted, environment.

P.s. If you’re interested in joining, learn more on our Join Page.

Biz Stone, 
Co-founder and CEO
Jelly Industries, Inc.

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